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International Program of Art Therapy in Thailand


The Canadian International Institute of Art Therapy (CiiAT), in corporation with the Human Center, proudly announces the the international program in clinical art therapy in Bangkok.

This clinical art therapy program is in compliance with the CATA educational standards and it is listed on the CATA website ( CiiAT is a registered Partnership in Canada, with three directors: Lucille Proulx, ATR, RCAT; Michelle Winkel, ATR,RCAT; Christine Lumis, ATR, RCAT, CATA member. CiiAT is bringing academic training in art therapy to Bangkok, Thailand and to Tokyo, Japan. This weekend program is

Canadian Curriculum

Training Programs

  1. 1.Personal & Professional Development Certificate

  2. 2.Post BA Diploma in Clinical Art Therapy

  3. 3.Post MA Certificate in Clinical Art Therapy

  1. 1.3 Intensive Modules 

  2. 2.Practicum                            [0] for Program 1        [350] for Program 2     [450] for Program 3  

  3. 3.Thesis [Program 2 only]

  4. 4.Elective 4 units

Intensive Modules

each module consists of theories, studio practice, experiential work, role play, case study, ethics, research study and clinical application.

intended to meet the needs of those who cannot find the time during the year to undertake a long term course, but would like to obtain professional qualifications in the field of art therapy through intensive theoretical and practical training. The core course instructors will be coming to teach from the CiiAT faculty in Canada. Mental Health Professionals, Counsellors, Social Workers and Artists may be interested in extending their skills to the healing arts field. Students who graduate from this program will receive a Post BA. Diploma or a Post MA. Certificate and be entitled “ Art Therapist ciiatD or ciiatC” after their name. This title will allow them to pursue a career as a professional Art Therapist internationally (regional conditions applicable).